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    1. Welcome to Creative Career

    2. Module 1 • Why Tent Camping? • You can make Money – Lots • A Tent camp is scalable - that means you can start small and grow big. – Big Benefit. • Plus, your tent camp resort can be made into more products and offers - Thereby multiplying your profits.

    3. Module 2 What is your brand? • What is Branding? • What does that brand imply? • Why Branding affect your Business • How does this apply to Tent camping? Your Brand can Establishes Trust • Your Brand can give Employee pride & Satisfaction • Much more...

    4. Module 3 Why are some places successful and other not? • The difference between advertising and Marketing. • Now look at another way of doing it. • What do you advertise and why? • What does the customer want? Do they want adventure? • Much more...

    5. Module 4 Are advertising and marketing and Promotions not the same? • Now, why are Promotions Different? • The effect of promotions • Promotion can help with Creating your Brand

    6. Module 5 What do you offer? • So what do you do then? • Be careful of market traps • Is there a demand for what you offer? • Do you offer an adventure? • Now, see how you can benefit?

    7. Module 6 Bookings are another secret • Effective Bookings make a difference to the Money making of your park • Plus, another secret • This is a bit of psychology • Next move... • Example: • Be clear in “what” you offer Much More...

    8. Module 7 Why look forward to the holidays? • Why do Holiday Planning? • What should I plan for the holiday? • Look forward to other events too Money making tip • Match and plan your advertisements in line with holidays and other events. and more...

    9. Module 8 Why a section about the reception? • Now for the Best option • There is more... • What difference does this make if any? • This is where the Gold comes in • The difference the right mindset makes..More

    10. Module 9 But what have service to do with Tent camping? • Another Secret • Good service can make your business • NOW, here comes a Secret! • It Worked like VIRAL

    11. Module 10 650% increase...Do you want it? • What is copywriting? • Words are more powerful than you think • So what can this do for my tent camp resort? • What can you learn from this?

    12. Module 11 Defining your customer Persona - How? • Example: • Their age and gender? • What are their typical interests? • Example: Nature lovers, Adventure seekers?

    13. Module 12 Important things to consider • This is HUGE. Location - Where your Tent camp is • The Customer Persona- Why is this connected to location?

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